Mini Warehouses

Since 1996, Bowers & Associates has assisted one of the largest mini developers in Texas in regard to market analysis, site acquisition, zoning, and selling the modern 80,000 to 100,000 square foot storage facilities that exist in the market today.  With these 10+ years of experience, we have been able to tackle 12 zoning cases in 5 different cities in the DFW metroplex wtih an 80% success rate.  In total, we have assisted in over 20 different projects that were brought to conclusion.


One of the keys to a successful mini project is to research and understand the area competition and see if there is a place for another modern facility.  Once the competition is understood, we determine which remaining available site would make the best location, and if there is a zoning issue (90% of the time there is), we determine which city, due to its politics and structure, is most likely to approve the project.  Bowers & Associates has been involved in each of these steps, working with the respective engineers, construction managers, and city officials to bring about successful projects.